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I'm an architecture and landscape photographer, currently based in Milan.


Born in 1991, grew up in Puglia (south of Italy), I moved to Milan to conduct my studies at Politecnico di Milano. Here I obtained a Master Degree in Architecture.


I mainly deal with architectural and landscape photography, geometries and symmetries that appear in front of my eyes easily captivate and excite me and that give a sort of order to my shots. Often I try to leave behind these “geometric bonds” in search of free shots and new interpretations of reality.

Always available for any new challenge.


LAND / Milano / landscape , SSA Scandurra Architettura / Milano / architecture, 

FMA Studio / Lecce / architecture,  NHOOD / Milano / real estate

EPTA Studio Pizzi / Milano / architecture,  PARK ASSOCIATI / Milano / architecture , 

STORAGEMILANO / Milano / architecture, ELIZAVETA UKHABINA / Milano / architecture,

PRR Architetti / Saronno / architecture, OBR / Milano / architecture


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